27 Simple Ways To Spark Inspiration

by Jey Pandian

I saw that Ian was looking for inspiration on his Twitter feed and I thought to myself, why not share some of the techniques that I use to spark creativity.  The key is to put your mind into a reflective state of being. Once you are in the reflective state, you’ll find that ideas flow more readily and with ease.

In case, you haven’t met Ian yet, he’s the head of Portent, a top notch internet marketing agency that is located in Seattle, Washington.

Ian, you’ve probably used some of these techniques already but just in case, I’ve listed out 27 different things that I do; one item for every year that I’ve lived. I hope you (or whoever is reading my blog) may find them helpful.

So without further ado, here is my list:

27. Sleep fifteen hours or more

26. Eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, stay away from grain based foods

25. Turn off all your electronics and become distraction free

24. Go out for a long walk by yourself, sit down, take in the fresh air and just watch things

23. Listen to soothing music while reading a non work related book on the bed

22. Get a nice back massage from your wife while playing soft music

21. Take a five hour nap in the afternoon after lunch

20. Drink miso soup or homemade tomato soup (whatever soup floats your boat)

19. Take a trip down the memory lane by looking at old photographs

18. Write a reflective passage in your diary or on your blog

17. Talk to someone that you haven’t spoken to in years

16. Apologize to that someone who’s been in the back of your mind for a while now

15. Go to the temple or church and reflect upon God

14. Show your gratefulness by thanking a someone

13. Do a good turn by helping underprivileged people by being there in person for them

12. Buy something that you’ve wanted for a while but never bought due to personal reasons

11. Call or see your siblings and your parents and have a one on one talk with them

10. Go out for a family vacation (preferably someplace where your kids will enjoy it too)

9. Play a sport like basketball or go for a jog outside

8. Drink lots of water so your mind can function with ease

7. Talk to a different ethnicity or an individual employed in a different line of work

6. Visit a factory and observe how things get built and take notes

5. Observe the different architectural styles utilized in construction and question the rationale

4. Learn a new physical skill like fashion design or construction

3. Do something romantic if you have a significant other

2. Drink red tea

1. Stay away from anyone who’ll place a monkey on your back

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