SEO Consulting

Most people in consultative businesses offer no transparency nor honesty. They mark up their services and charge setup fees for things that are outsourced. I do none of the above.

Most seo services are productized or sold in quantity with no thought spent towards client service nor a white hat approach. I do none of the above.

My methodology differs from most SEO businesses in that my services are all inclusive as it pertains to SEO. Most companies will price out separate for a technical audit or keyword research but I do not nor will not. I will do whatever it takes to help your SEO succeed with sustainable SEO tactics.

The full SEO gambit is included in any engagement with me. Your website has a mobile version but it is not search optimized? No problem, if your website data shows that mobile is a significant revenue generator, my team will prioritize mobile SEO for your website.

The different price points are an indicator of the amount of time spent working on your business. A business that spends $1,000 per month will get significantly less hours than a business than spends $10,000 per month.

Additionally, if a business has 5 social media properties and regular optimization is needed across the board, it will eat into the time much more rapidly than a business who focuses only a single social channel.

The other difference between my service and other SEO vendors is that my team and I implement ALL the recommendations. Most SEO agencies and vendors will write the recommendation but will not implement them.

My job is focus on the SEO, so you, the business owner can focus on growing your business without worrying at all about SEO.

If this sounds like a relationship that you would enjoy, then please reach out to me at

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